Acronis Monitoring Service

A SaaS-based unified monitoring solution for cloud, on-premise, and hybrid infrastructures
  • Fast – Visibility across infrastructures and entire IT stacks takes minutes
  • Easy – Fully managed hosted software, hassle-free agent installers, and GUI-based configurations
  • Complete – Monitor Windows and Linux servers/VMs, applications, networks, services, and websites
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Deployment Has Never Been Easier

Configure uptime and performance monitoring in minutes via a quick, straight-forward, wizard-driven setup.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use, yet complete web interface
  • SaaS-based, ready-to-use monitoring solution
  • Minimum setup and footprint on the systems
  • Step-by-step setup and configuration
  • Effortless agent installation for Windows and Linux
  • No maintenance and hardware costs
Acronis Monitoring Service

Monitor an Entire IT Stack

Acronis Monitoring Service offers full stack monitoring that includes servers and VMs, applications, networks, services, websites, processes, and more.

  • External synthetic checks

    External synthetic checks are a set of metrics that represent how the system performs from an end-user perspective. Metrics are collected via an external approach from public or private agents.
  • Application monitoring

    Application level monitoring uses an agent-based approach to collect and store data from an application stack perspective. Application level data and notifications can help to troubleshoot problems before they impact end-users or third-party systems.
  • Server monitoring

    Acronis offers comprehensive server and virtual machine monitoring for all popular Linux distributions and Windows versions, whether onsite, in private or public clouds, or in IaaS environments.
  • Network monitoring

    Monitor via a wide range of network protocols both externally and internally. Query a device with SNMP GET to check performance and reachability, monitor printer status, or monitor network channel quality.

Monitor Internally and Externally

Acronis Monitoring Service operates via two types of checks

  • External monitoring

    is performed remotely using the global monitoring network of Acronis’ public agents. Ensure your websites, web services, and internet-facing devices are up and running smoothly.
  • Internal monitoring

    uses small-footprint native agents installable on onsite or cloud-based servers, enabling monitoring of full IT infrastructure (system, network, and application metrics) behind firewall.
  • Monitor Distributed Systems from One Console

    Free from the traditional prerequisite of advanced installation, the Acronis platform is accessible from any location and can monitor multiple offices, data centers, or distributed apps via an intuitive web-based console.
  • Configure Alerts Precisely to Your Needs

    Each aspect of the Acronis system can be configured for optimal security and safeguarding, including incident security levels, component dependencies, status change rules, warning and error thresholds, and team members’ responsibilities.
  • Analyze Data & Troubleshoot Fast

    Data can be viewed and correlated with critical metrics via the platform dashboard, alongside a problems overview, real-time and historical data, and SLA reporting.
  • Scale with Ease

    No matter the number of hosts – from one to a thousand – Acronis ensures a one-stop view monitoring interface that incorporates every single component.

Perfect for Service Providers

Acronis Monitoring Service is ideal for service providers requiring a cost-effective and quick-to-deploy SaaS-based solution to monitor in-house and IaaS-based servers, applications, and databases. The product is perfect for Digital Agencies, Managed Service Providers, IT Consultants, IaaS and Hosting providers, and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

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