Running VMware vCloud? Give your tenants a self-service backup they are looking for

  • Backup

    Allow tenants to back up and recover their virtual machines by themselves though a simple web-based user interface.

  • DR to Cloud

    Provide tenants with a cloud disaster recovery site where they can run copies of their on-premise machines, physical or virtual, in a case of disaster.

  • Migration

    Help tenants migrate their existing physical or virtual machines to the cloud, between clouds, and back to the original location to help address lock-in concerns.

Although the tenant relies on your datacenter hardware, he will also have operating systems and applications, which are statistically much more likely to be a cause of problems. Installing bad updates, performing erroneous configuration changes, deleting important files, running wrong scripts are all sources of errors. Let’s face it humans are proven to make mistakes.

With Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud, tenants can easily revert virtual machine back to a known good state in minutes. On their own, no software to install, no phone calls to make, no confusing manual procedures to follow.