For Service Providers

Monitor hundreds of clients from one console - with ease

Acronis Monitoring Service is ideal for service providers requiring a cost-effective and quick-to-deploy
SaaS-based solution to monitor in-house and IaaS-based servers, applications, and databases

True ease of deployment

Acronis Monitoring Service is designed for easy and seamless integration with existing services. There’s no arduous setup or configuration, hardware or maintenance cost, or technical expertise required; the platform effortlessly scales to the size of your business.

  • For IT infrastructure built on Windows, the service is installed simply by downloading and installing a native agent.
  • Linux, meanwhile, enjoys an instant installation by copying and pasting the install command, or downloading an installation package.
  • Establishing monitoring of web services is similarly as straight-forward, facilitating parameter specification through a few simple steps – alongside options for multiple monitoring locations.

Easy management of multiple clients from a single console

Individual infrastructures can be assigned to each client, for a separate, comprehensive view that incorporates all assets and services current leveraged by the associated client.

With Acronis Monitoring Service, navigation is made easy – switching between infrastructures is quick and log-out free and in-built search functions are available to aid monitor locating within multi-client accounts

Global and client-specific problems overview

Acronis Monitoring Service enables overview of all current and recent problems across all clients, as well as individual infrastructure-level problems for specific clients.

Details of the problem can be viewed on both current and historical issues. Problems can be addressed and resources assigned to treat issues in real-time, significantly reducing the risk of downtime in client services.

Full-stack monitoring accessible from any location

Acronis Monitoring Service offers full stack, real-time monitoring that includes servers and VMs, applications, networks, services, websites, processes, and more. Monitor on-site servers (Windows or Linux) and IaaS-based machines (Azure, AWS, etc.).

Both external monitoring (via the global monitoring network of Acronis’ public agents) and internal monitoring (via the agents installable on onsite or cloud-based servers) are supported.

Alerts and troubleshooting

Email, SMS, and phone call alerts can be configured precisely to your needs, and warning and alert thresholds can be specified through the monitoring interface. These limits are changeable at any time, allowing for testing of acceptable thresholds during instances of heavy load before a final ‘danger zone’ is identified and adopted.

Team member responsibilities can be delegated and reassigned to make a single member responsible for individual components, who will be the recipient of notifications and alerts.

Flexible pricing suited to individual need

Your package with us is always upgradeable, and can be started with any number of monitors. This way, you will only pay for what you need, rather than opting for an inflated number of monitors to accommodate projected future needs. What’s more, the Acronis Monitoring Service comes with no commitments for future periods; upgrade or downgrade whenever required, free of additional cost implication.

Additional discounts are offered for significant volumes, with an up to 50% possible discount depending on the number of monitors chosen.

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