AcronisSoftware-Defined Infrastructure 2.5

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Universal Software-Defined Infrastructure for Your Data Center

Typical Usage Scenarios

You can store archived and active data that’s leveraged by users, applications, and virtual machines alike, and easily share data among users and applications. Acronis meets all of your needs with one integrated, feature-rich solution. With Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure, you can store any data affordably and safely, regardless what type of storage you need.

Development or staging environment

Now you can get a test environment that is easy to configure and manage, and that will not affect your storage system performance. Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure runs virtual machines and provides full software-defined network support, allowing you to:

  • Count on a high-performance and high-availability of virtual machines
  • Maintain full lifecycle control over your virtual machines 
  • Set storage policies and redundancy options for each virtual machine
  • Benefit from a software-defined network for secure and isolated networking with VXLAN encapsulation based on distributed virtual-switching technology
  • Enjoy great Windows guest support with high-performance drivers 
  • Install the solution quickly and easily, with no need for professional services
  • Streamline your work through unified administration, monitoring, and control of your network, storage, and virtual infrastructure
  • Integrate easily with third-party systems via open standard API

Archive Storage

Manage your total cost of ownership (TCO) more effectively by storing your data on a storage cluster. Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure supports Acronis Backup Cloud and Acronis Backup 12.5 as a backup destination.

  • Encrypts data at rest
  • Uses industry-standard hardware and manageable redundancy options
  • Adds an additional layer of data protection with geo-replication to another data center
  • Eliminates service interruptions because you can change or upgrade hosts or disks on live production systems
  • Provides an easy-to-use interface with a single-pane-of-glass management console
  • Allows you to replicate backup data to cloud services and store backups on Network Attached Storage (NAS) via Network File System (NFS) protocol using Acronis Backup Gateway
  • Ensures easy data migration from Acronis Storage 1.x

File Storage

Get affordable and fully manageable file-shares that are accessible via industry-standard NFS protocol. With familiar tools like LDAP and Kerberos, file-share management has never been simpler.

  • Provides optimized file storage for better performance, even for partial file updates
  • Stores any type of corporate data
  • Works via object store and scales to millions of entities
  • Includes an organized file archive to store older files
  • Scales up and out so you can start with a small system and grow as your business does
  • Provides easy-to-use, automated, cluster-infrastructure management
  • Supports all modern NFS standards, including NFS v4, NFS v4.1 and pNFS

Object Storage

Build your own Amazon S3-compatible storage cloud with unlimited scalability for applications and cloud services. Verify the authenticity of objects leveraging Acronis Notary with blockchain-based immutable logging.

  • Works with Acronis Files Cloud and Acronis Access Advanced
  • Compatible with most S3 out-of-the-box applications 
  • Lets you host a static website
  • Scales to billions of objects
  • Offers you the choice to build your own off-premises, on-premises, or hybrid cloud storage as a service (STaaS) customizable solutions
  • Provides active-active geo-replication for S3 data between data centers with full data consistency and collision resolution

High-performance Storage

Ensure your hot data is protected with the caliber of storage that’s required. Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure offers highly efficient, fast-block storage for virtual machines and databases.

  • Offers highly available and secure iSCSI access
  • Ideal for storing critical databases
  • Includes SSD caching for best performance
  • Includes auto-tiering, and load balancing
  • Provides high-performance erasure encoding

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System Requirements

Storage or Storage and Management

2 CPU cores
3xHDDs, 100 GB minimal


One CPU core per 8 HDDs 
Intel Xeon E5 or faster
16 GB RAM + 0.5 GB per HDD
3xHDDs, 100 GB minimal

Compute or Storage and Compute

4 CPU cores
3xHDDs, 100 GB minimal


32 CPU Xeon cores 
64 GB+ RAM
3xHDDs, 100 GB minimal

Storage and Compute and Management

16 CPU cores
3xHDDs, 100 GB minimal


32 CPU Xeon cores 
64 GB+ RAM
3xHDDs, 100 GB minimal