Acronis Blockchain Technology Initiative

What you need to know about data protection using blockchain

Acronis Blockchain Technology Initiative

Data Protection and Authenticity

Today's digital world contains a huge number of assets whose originality and ownership are difficult and costly to define and track. Blockchain technology can solve this problem by providing global authenticity and security for data and transactions of any kind, reducing the cost and complexity of centralized systems while making data ‘tamper-proof’.

Acronis has launched a strategic initiative to develop applications using blockchain technology for data protection. As a global leader in hybrid cloud backup and data protection, Acronis is extending its data storage and file sync & share solutions with blockchain technology to monitor data integrity and guarantee validity at all times.

How does Blockchain protect your data from tampering?

Using blockchain technology, data and transactions are processed to produce a unique signature verified by rules of consensus. When new data is entered, it can never be erased.

You can think of the blockchain as an “append-only”' ledger with transaction order that is distributed between many entities, each one keeping the same copy of it. Each record in the ledger is time-stamped, is immutable and independently verifiable. Blockchain secured data has provable integrity because the data is attributed to an irrefutable identity, is validated by all copies of the ledger, is always available, and can never be changed.

    • Protection against Insider Attacks Prevents accidental and malicious tampering or alteration of data from going unnoticed.
    • Regulatory Transparency With an independent and granular audit trail for all stored data, regulators get independent and indisputable proof that the stored data has not been modified
    • Portability of Evidence Stored files and transactions can be verified electronically and individually even if they were transferred elsewhere
    • Independent Verification Data records can be verified without reliance on chain of custody, security of keys or any trusted human or organization
    • Continuous Monitoring Monitoring tools perform periodic check of file integrity and alert in case of discrepancies
    • Easy, Complete and Safe Optimized for long-term performance and scalability, easy upgrade, and efficient management

Use case examples

Acronis solutions using blockchain technology can protect any data in any industry. Common use cases include property and medical records, chain-of-evidence for court documents, police video or security camera footage, intellectual property bound documents, long-term archiving that could be subject to IT audits, and ‘consortium’ data storage, where multiple entities or individuals need to securely store and exchange massive amounts of data and information.