Release Notes

Build 177December 3, 2018

Update 6.2

Support for a new offering item: Web hosting servers Allows backing up Linux-based physical and virtual servers running Plesk or cPanel control panels

Build 171September 14, 2018

Update 6.1

What's new

Enable cloud-to-cloud backup for Microsoft Office 365.

Fixed issues

Incorrect redirect to the Configure step in online store.

Build 168July 19, 2018

Update 6

What's new

Ability to sell storage for local backups.

Fixed issues

The module cannot communicate with Acronis Data Cloud 7.7.1. An error with code 401 occurs.

Build 160February 16, 2018

Update 5

What's new

Ability to use the module with multiple Acronis partner accounts.

Fixed issues

  • The module configuration fails if httpd does not have enough permissions to store cookies
  • The "Trial" flag is not propagated to Acronis Data Cloud if PHP7 is used
  • The "Configurable options" section of the configuration guide is updated
Build 150September 14, 2017

Update 4.1

Fixed issues

Disable the workaround for the issue #CORE-11375 for WHMCS 7.2.3 and later versions.

Build 140June 16, 2017

Update 4

What's new

Backup of websites is now available.

Fixed issues

  • A non-branded URL is used for redirecting a client from Client Area to the backup console.
  • The resource usage representation for unlimited resources is corrected in Client Area.
  • After the module upgrade to version 1.0.124, the following error appears in Client Area: "The backup user is not found."
  • The "Change Password" link is shown in Client Area if a backup user is deleted.
Build 124April 12, 2017

Update 3.1

Fixed issues

Sometimes a backup status is not shown in Client Area

Build 122April, 5, 2017

Update 3

What's new

  • Backup account activation options. There are two options available:
  • Ask a client for a login and password for the backup account when placing an order
  • Or send the client an activation email instead
  • Unit of measurement for cloud storage. A service provider can how define how to sell cloud storage: in GB or in TB.
  • Enable/disable backup account administrator permissions. The service provider can enable or disable administrator privileges for the backup account.

Fixed issues

  • Acronis Backup Cloud module conflicts with some other modules which result in incorrect behavior in online store when clients orders new services
  • Sometimes a blank screen is shown in Module Settings for the Acronis Backup Cloud product
  • Sometimes the “Additional information” section isn’t shown in Client Area when placing orders
  • A client contact details synchronization with Acronis Backup Cloud fails in case if the client has failed orders
  • Some text messages are not translated
  • Incorrect behavior in the online store when purchasing several Acronis Backup Cloud products at the same time
  • Changed description for the “Additional information” section in the online store
  • Improved errors reporting
  • Improved errors handling in case if invalid credentials are supplied for Acronis Backup Cloud in Server settings
Build 74December 28, 2016

Update 2.2

What's new

  • Support for WHMCS 7.1
  • Improved errors logging
Build 69November 2, 2016

Update 2.1

Fixed issues:

  • Use the WHMCS default language when creating an Acronis Backup Cloud account if the language is not set explicitly in WHMCS client profile.
Build 64October 18, 2016

Update 2

What's new:

  • Support for WHMCS 7.0
  • Support for PHP 7
  • Sync information with Acronis Backup Cloud when an admin user or client edits the profile

Fixed issues:

  • Sometimes provisioning failed with error "500 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'encode'"
Build 49July 26, 2016

Update 1

What's new

  • Support for mobile devices and Office 365 Service provider can now set quotas for mobile devices and Office 365 mailboxes in Product configuration.
  • Ability to define the storage location option in Product configuration. Service provider can define where customers can back up their machines: only locally or both locally and to the cloud.

Fixed issues

  • The module had a conflict with the realtimeregister module.
  • Sometimes a default backup account was not created after the service provisioning.
Build 43May 11, 2016

HF 2

What's new

Trials support

Build 42April 22, 2016

HF 1

What's new

Localization added:

  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
Build 34March 10, 2016


The module allows you to:

  • Create new groups with backup users for end customers The end customers can back up their own machines and applications by using a backup console
  • Create new groups with administrators for resellers Resellers can create and manage their own customers in a management console, configure their own brand for the backup service, and use their own storage to keep their customers’ data
  • Easily subscribe to the backup service from the client area
  • Suspend and unsuspend groups
  • Terminate created groups with all their content
  • Add a new administrator account from the client area in case the default one was deleted
  • View current usage statistics in the client area
  • Log in to the backup console from the client area
  • Upgrade a subscription (change quotas) by purchasing configurable options
  • Upgrade a subscription by switching to another product
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