Release Notes

Build 259March 7, 2019

What's new

This release brings security, stability, performance, and usability improvements.

Fixed Issues

  • CI-4521, CI-4524 Security improvements.
  • CI-4525 Pre-capture script should process "FLUSH TABLES" before "FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK".
  • CI-4540 Pre-/post-capture scripts should kill a thread which executes the flush command to unfreeze MySQL correctly.
Build 253February 21, 2019

What's new

  • Recovering mailboxes, mail filters, and mail forwarders is now available in WHM.
  • Recovering non-user databases, including internal cPanel databases and databases created manually, is now available in WHM. These databases can be recovered only from the backups created with a plugin of version 253 or higher.
  • The Operations Log is extended to show the list of items that were downloaded or restored.
  • A feedback form is added to the Operation Log of WHM, so that an administrator can send a report to the vendor if required.
  • The location of archives prepared to download and the retention rules for them can now be changed. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Fixed Issues

  • CI-2991 SSO authenticated users cannot restore databases.
  • CI-3686 The recovery points always show their creation date in UTC.
  • CI-4158 A user can view recovery points that were created prior to the user account creation.
  • CI-4247 A backup agent should be installed with "--strict" mode.
  • CI-4280 SSO should be removed from the link to the backup console.
  • CI-4399 The plugin is installed but nonoperational due to an old (unsupported ) PHP version.
  • CI-4410 The download or recovery of databases fails with error message: "MySQL cannot start (SIGSEG signal)".
Build 223November 16, 2018

Fixed Issues

  • CI-4011 Acronis Backup plugin for WHM/cPanel cannot be installed with cpanel-php72.
Build 219October 16, 2018

What's new

Redesigned cPanel accounts backup and restore:

  • Backup of accounts now does not affect the server performance.
  • Account restore is now always available for all recovery points. The option backup_accounts in the /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/acronisbackup/srv/config.ini became obsolete and was removed from the config.

Fixed issues

  • CI-3797 Backup fails when there is a domain without homedir
  • CI-3876 Incorrect file is downloaded from a backup if the file name contains non-ASCII characters
  • CI-3899 Name is not shown for a file when browsing backup if the file name contains invalid Unicode characters
Build 214September 20, 2018

Fixed issues

  • [CI-3765, CI-3759] Security fixes.
Build 211August 30, 2018

What's new

Two new configuration options for freezing MySQL prior to taking a snapshot.

The options are added to /var/lib/Acronis/AgentCommData/ configuration file:

  • MYSQL_FREEZE - to enable or disable MySQL freezing
  • MYSQL_FREEZE_ONLY_MYISAM - to define which tables will be locked. The option has two values: 0 (lock all tables) and 1 (lock only MyISAM tables).

Fixed issues

  • [CI-3562] A database recovery fails if a volume is mounted to several directories.
  • [CI-3560] A backup fails if some of WHM accounts are corrupted. The corrupted accounts are now ignored.
  • [CI-3532] A backup fails if a MyISAM table has a space in its name.
  • [CI-3579] Sometimes, MySQL does not start during a recovery. The error "Can't find messagefile..." is displayed.
  • [CI-3581] Sometimes, browsing recovery points in cPanel UI fails with error "An error has occurred. Please try again later or contact your administrator."
  • [CI-3673] A message that a new version of the plugin is available is not shown in WHM UI if WHM is installed on versions 6.x of CentOS, CloudLinux, and RHEL.
Build 204June 29, 2018

What's new

This release brings new features, and multiple security, stability, performance, and usability improvements.

Recovery of individual accounts

  • User can download or recover individual accounts in WHM UI.
  • User can download own account in cPanel UI.
  • Downloaded archive can be recovered on any cPanel server (even without Acronis Backup plugin) by using native cPanel scripts:
  • Account recovery option may be hidden. Check the documentation for details.

    Limitation: You cannot restore accounts from backup created before the plugin update.

Update the plugin from the WHM user interface

  • WHM dashboard notifies the user when a new plugin version is available. To update to a new version, click Update now.

Simplified Acronis Backup plugin installation and configuration

  • The plugin is now shipped in form of .rpm package.
  • Improved UX for the initial configuration wizard in WHM UI, including:
    • UI improvements
    • Progress tracking
    • Error reporting

Stability and performance improvements

  • Multiple stability and performance optimizations for files and database recovery.

Improved logging and errors reporting

  • More logs are available.
  • Improved error messages shown in UI.
  • Detailed error messages for failed recovery tasks are shown in the operations log.
  • A new option to collect logs from WHM UI (both the operations log and dashboard). All necessary logs are collected in a single archive that can be downloaded from UI.

Other UX improvements

  • Show cloud storage usage in WHM dashboard
  • Show backup plan settings
  • Added link to backup console from the dashboard (with SSO)
  • Show mount points for volumes when browse archive
  • Show DBs owners when recover DBs in WHM UI
  • And more...

Fixed issues

  • [CI-2728, CI-2961, CI-2962, CI-2987, CI-2995, CI-2966] Security fixes.
  • [CI-2817] Support disabling exec php function.
  • [CI-3084] Plugin fails when short_open_tag directive is disabled in php.ini.
  • [CI-2826] Customer column is empty in WHM Operation log for non-root users.
  • [CI-2742] "Notice: Undefined index..." warnings are shown in error log on the browsing recovery point page.
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